Managing Director (PC Snehal Group)

The youth symbol and a dynamic entrepreneur, Chiranjiv Patel, is proudly the managing director and vice chairman of P C Snehal Group.

P C Snehal Group is well established in government infrastructure sector by rising big structures like sports complexes, hospitals, flyovers, underpasses, water distribution networks, drainage systems and power projects.

His vision, leadership, courage and conviction are well exemplified by the $150 million PCS Group he heads, which has a monopolistic reign in rising massive infrastructures with landmarks across the country like Vadodara Manijalpur sports complex, BRTS Janmarg, Indian Plasma Research Centre, Gujarat University Convention Centre, Bindu Sarovar among others.

He is equally active in dedicating his time to charitable and government institutions, organisations, cultural clubs and philanthropic occasions.

His dynamism is well respected and appreciated by the leading entrepreneurs in the country, as he has won many hearts at the age of 33 years.